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Little something something about me, I love my Bartending and making new types of drink and different variations, I'm musical through playing an assortment of instruments but my favorites are drums, guitar, saxophone and piano. I am studying a Bachelor in Audio Engineering and Production which I finish very soon! (scary stuff). I have no idea what I want in life except that I want to travel and see what different parts of the world have to offer. on the downside to this my personality is very free so I don't like committing to many things or getting tied down with stuff but I'm always open to new things and meeting new people. I'm extremely interested in other people views on life and what their plans are just out of interest. I love my partying and clubbing maybe a bit too much but what can you do.
Ain't no party like a no pants party!


"The greater of Nirn's two moons, Masser is acknowledged as one of the attendant spirits of the mortal plane, and, like such, is both temporal and subject to the bounds of mortality. As such Masser, which exists as a separate plane, has long since perished; it is Masser’s death which has led mortals to perceive it as having both texture and limited size, as well as a reddish hue, all of which are the results of its decay from its former investiture of pure white.”

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Well that was fun. May or may not have just spent the first half of the day rolling around in bed with the most beautiful girl I know. I don’t want her to leave for Europe in 13 days =(




Olivia Bee and Andrew for Yen magazine part 2


i want to be this happy

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